Banning old, popular books ‘a terrible way to combat racism’ | Sky News Australia

Freelance journalist Ky Chow says banning old, popular books with stereotyped illustrations is a “terrible way to combat racism”.

Six popular children’s books by Dr Seuss will no longer be published after they were criticised over claims of racism.

Ebay has subsequently banned the books from being auctioned on its platform.

Discussing the banned books, Mr Chow said, “specifically, they show Chinese people, such as myself, as Oriental stereotypes – holding chopsticks, wearing a conical hat, the stereotyped moustache”.

“Context is everything,” Mr Chow said.

“And to me the illustrations I saw of Chinese people in these books, or Chinese characters really in these books, are dated but not hateful towards Chinese.

“They can easily be explained to children and overall these books bring so much joy and excitement to them.

“Most people who read these books and see those illustrations know that they are the product of an old era, when most people had never worked or lived with East Asians such as Chinese or Koreans or Japanese, and so often had a very narrow idea of what we looked like or what we did.

“But society now knows we Asians are so much more than that.

“I’m Chinese Australian and that’s certainly what I’m going to tell my children when they are old enough to read these books,” Mr Chow said.

“We should not remove even the supposedly offensive illustrations, let alone ban entire books, because you then now deprive society of a teaching moment.

“You also enrage and harden racists, and move us deeper into cancel and deplatforming culture that can create even more rage and division”.
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